My Makeup Routine

A receive a ton of comments, emails and request regarding my skincare, workout, and makeup routine. My makeup video is now up and ready for your viewing pleasure. I’m really lazy when it comes to everyday makeup but I will go all out for special occasions, dates, auditions, you get the idea. Otherwise I can live with an eyelash curler and a tinted lipgloss : )
Next makeup video up is hopefully my Caribana transformation! In the near future I would love to format my channel so makeup, fashion, health, inspiration, randomness is all formatted for regular uploads! I so need consistency :)

Study the Greats

Life is what you make it. Make it count. Make it great.
When i’m on my death bed I want to smile knowing I went after everything I wanted from this life. I want to be great. I study the greats. What makes them so great? Can I be great? As you know i’ve discovered that all greats are shameless. They’re also determined, committed and faithful no matter what the circumstance. Yes we are human and have emotions that rage in every which direction. Yes bad things happen to good people. So what? Join the club. Build a bridge and get the f$*k over it. Every great person had the struggle. The greater the struggle, the greater the reward, if you so choose to not fall prey to defeat and weakness. If you are sick of being a victim, depressed, settling for mediocrity get off your butt and do something! and while you’re at it study the greats. In my previous post I mentioned the greats that really speak to me. They went through hell and back again. They had faith. They believed in themselves aka God and the gifts they had and that it was worth sharing with the rest of us. You are capable of greatness. Whatchu gonna do? Balls in your court playa.
inspired by Frida Kahlo through the eyes of illustrator Fab Ciraolo Artwork by illustrator Fab Ciraolo. Inspiration for photo above
frida-kahlo-daft-punkphoto, makeup, everything by me aka ShamelessMaya. More of my photography here
Frida Kahlo is THE definition of beauty redefined. She’s a great & true inspiration in my life. She overcame despite the struggle. As a child she contracted Polio, as a teen she was in a near fatal accident fracturing her spine and hip, as an adult her right leg had to be partially amputated. Kahlo had a troubled marriage, miscarriage after miscarriage and despite all this, still created masterpieces and a legacy. Stories like this are not unusual for the greats. Trial after trial they don’t quit! They go hard! They believe and have faith. What about you? Read more about the great beauty herself: Frida Kahlo

Shameless Me

Last year on April 24th I decided to overcome my fears of putting myself out there. In doing so I realized my limits were self imposed. Why was sharing a part of who I am and celebrating that so challenging? And why was I avoiding this challenge for so long? At this point my life had hit rock bottom. I literally had nothing left to loose (or so I thought). Why not start now? I looked to Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, Michael Jackson, Grace Jones, Shakespeare and of course Jesus. What did they do that I wasn’t? What I discovered was they were living “shamelessly”. Despite the critics they lived. Not embarrassed by who they were, what they looked like, what others thought, they “did them!” We are all blessed with gifts that were meant to be shared. “Sharing is caring”. “Give and you shall receive”. Simple and true. The greatest gift you can give is love. The greatest gift you can give is yourself. Share your love. Share your art. Share you. Although this started out as a journey to overcome my fears, in the process I learned to let go and finally discover me. This is year 1. The journey has just begun. #beshameless

self portrait

self portrait

The Greatest Love Story

Nearly two years ago I picked up the Bible and read for myself what all the hype was about. I was raised in a hard core Filipino Catholic home and went to a Catholic school. I’ve always had a relationship with God but kinda lost my way in College. Anyways fast forward to my move to NY 3 years ago where I rediscovered an intimate relationship with God and myself. How can a book that is over 2000 years old still be relevant? Why is this book so controversial? Why do people keep quoting verses? I decided to actually read the entire Bible and find out for myself. I finished reading the New Testament and am midway through the Old testament. What have I discovered? Jesus’ life is the greatest love story of all time. Reading the new testament was like. DAYUM! you can’t make this stuff up! No imagination or intelligence can come up with these stories. It really is beautiful. How selfless Jesus’ life was. He literally sacrificed his life so we could learn to love and live fully. When someone hits you offer the other cheek??? Who does that?! JESUS! When someone crucifies you, pray for them??? What??! In a world where we’re taught to take care of ourselves, put ourselves first, reading just a fraction of his life was mentally jarring for me. Since embarking on my journey of self discover through my whole “shamelessness” I found myself and God. The two go hand in hand. You cannot know one without the other. God isn’t some ominous being. God is in YOU and the purest form of LOVE. Learn to give the other cheek, learn to let go and forgive, figure out who you are, love yourself and you will realize how powerful you are because you operate from Love and God.
Thank you God for sacrificing your life so we may understand the meaning of Love. Thank you for teaching me who I am, how strong I am, and how powerful our love truly is.
Happy Easter : )
You can read my original post on my old blog here

Why Artist Don’t Make Sense or Dollar$

This has been weighing on my mind for the longest time and a personal challenge I’ve had to confront. As a creative, artist or even entrepreneur, there comes a point where it’s like, how do I get to the next level? How can I turn the thing I love and enjoy the most into something I can do full-time so I don’t have to work this ‘job’ anymore? It’s all very subjective and different people have different priorities. Some people are comfortable giving their art away for free, which is awesome, or creating art simply as a hobby, but this is directed to those who want to take their craft to the next level. This is for the “starving artist” who doesn’t want to starve anymore and wants to and is finally ready to get paid. The main message I’m driving home is change your perception of yourself, your talents, and money, into one that is positive. Believe in your abilities and believe that you deserve abundance.

When I’m not on YouTube I’m freelancing as a photographer and voice actor. I’m so blessed that as of late I’ve been able to do that full-time. When I first moved to NYC I obviously had to get a job, so I got a bunch! I worked as a cocktail waitress at a few places and worked at a photo studio as a production assistant. Don’t get me wrong, a joe job is necessary to get to where you need to go but not the end all and be all. I was making bank as a cocktail waitress! I’m talking $300-$600 per night! And sometimes more! I was able to buy my photography gear and all the other expenses and pay RENT. I eventually had to quit working at the studio because I was getting paid chump change! I was making $200/week! I made more money popping bottles than I did working in the photo world, but then I realized I started to get comfortable and not actually do the thing I enjoyed doing, which is fine but I wanted to work as a full-time artist what happened? 

Priorities! Here I am trying really hard to priorities. The artist life is not a glamorous one, or at least it doesn’t start out that way but I’m at a point where I’ve reassessed by set of beliefs. I now believe the things I love the most can and will support me abundantly and I believe I can do a lot of good with a lot of money :)


i was stuck like glue! not knowing what to do. so i ponder and ponder and months later kept pondering and realized i should stop torturing myself and put a blog post up already! it’s been almost 3 darns months since i posted on my site! that’s uber lame. i have a million and one excuses but they’re just that so here’s my post! i’m unsticking myself from self inflicted torture : ) “Shameless, you should post! what the hell should i post?! it’s been 1 month! post something! just post! nah…i’d rather get mad at myself for not posting and dwell on that fact for as long as i can’”. BAH!

speaking of stuck, last night i went to the opening party of Con Artists, SLAP: Adhesives & Egos, A DIY Sticker Exhibition

if you live in NY you should definitely check it out running until April 3rd. it was great to be around amazingly talented artist, positive vibes, new york scensters, unstuck from misery and flooded with creative movement!


was that sooooo hard Shameless?! lesson learned—-> torture yourself, shorter than longer, then get to it and DO IT ALREADY! so a ton more post on all the tid bits coming your way : )

Last Minute Christmas DIY Gifts

I have a bad habit of waiting til the last minute to get Christmas gifts in order. I have 7 close cousins plus their spouses and usually do a diy since buying something for each and everyone of them would be too costly. a few years back I made cassette wallets

cassettewallets1 cassettewallets2the year after that I did quotes and since those are simple and fast enough I thought I’d share that with you all here :)

I made these for video purposes and will probably keep these for my bare walls : ) this year the cousins are doing Kris Kringle which makes life so much easier! any who! enjoy this video and get inspired! you still have time!!!

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