Maya Who?

Hola World!

I go by the name Maya Washington aka #ShamelessMaya. I came here from another galaxy and am trapped in this dimension for now.

So it turns out I have this voice right, and I utilize it as a voice actor for kiddy shows, audio books, and commercial voice overs. I currently work with a production company that translates kid shows for children that are blind. I’m really proud of the work I do. I use my colorful voice to color their world. We really do take life for granted. I know I do. It wasn’t until I started working with this production that I realized how blessed I am to have eye sight. Eye sight I’ve used as a photographer to capture the brief stories this world has decided to share with me.

I refer to myself as an artist. When I’m not storying telling with photographs or my voice I’m designing, revamping, producing, directing, or story telling with the many other creative outlets.

For whatever reason I have this mental block. I find self-promotion cheesy, corny and tacky but I’m noticing a LOT of people promoting themselves, celebrating their gifts and here I am hiding in my turtle shell. So before I say farewell to this world, I’d like to annihilate this “block” and celebrate my hidden gifts and talents, meet some new like-minded people and to do that I must #beshameless. I’m excited to find out where this journey will take me.

I have no professional background in public relations, promotion, marketing, or any of that fancy stuff. I went to college for Classical Theatre and was kicked out after my second year. I have since gone on to educate myself at the school of hard knocks. If you attempt to try any of my methods keep all of this in mind.